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PRE-CHAT As always, SuiteCRM is one of my favourite business tools in the free and open software world. I like to describe it as ‘Sales Force on steroids’ because you can do whatever you want with it, basically, since the code is open and community supported. However, once in a while you will hit a road block. This literally took…

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Installing Nextcloud on Digital Ocean Ubuntu Server Droplet

Disclaimer: As always, my blogs are not supposed to be a well-written piece of technical literature but instead a better-than-crap version of a messy notepad. I hope it’s clear enough to help someone other than myself but I always check them to make sure at least I can understand it, ha. It seems that there is a nice blog written…

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Fixing My Dead Nextcloudpi box in three simple steps

My nextcloudpi box was kicking back errors and wouldn’t start. It was in a degraded state. I then learned about systemctl –failed command which showed something wrong with certbot. Thankfully I already knew that was related to LetsEncrypt. I realized that it was trying to renew two domains that weren’t there and were expired and would be unable to renew…

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Advanced PDF Printing on Ubuntu

I travelled down a road that failed, but I learned some cool things about printing to PDF on Ubuntu that I think are worth logging and sharing for others. 1. Out-of-the-Box PDF Printing (in case you didn’t know) In case you are new to ubuntu and didn’t know it, basic PDF printing is already installed and working perfectly. All you…

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