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Mother of Business Template Directories

After being involved with more than one company startup, and taking over a few operations, I realized that I’m always doing the same thing which is creating a computer folder structure for the business. Anyone who has done this knows it’s a mammoth task. I finally spent a few weeks and carved out my first ‘template’ called NEWCO_COMPANY_DIRECTORY which can…

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Faith, Faith and Religion

Oh, Lord Jesus

From the very depths of my inner man sprung forth this to the extend I was compelled to share it… may one or all of you be supplied by some or all of it… attached also is the guitar chord chart so you, too, can cry out to the Lord of mercy and glory in your time of need. Oh…

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Flat Earth, Humour


I’m one of those people who just can’t find time or care to participate in popular news. So what I do is I go to once in a while and scan the headlines. Since Covid19 arrived I’ve been unable to toss the thought that there seems to be a qualified marketing firm behind it. People are ‘talking the talk’…

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Freedom and Privacy, Technology, Tutorial, Ubuntu

Installing Virtualbox Guest Additions on a Windows 10 VM on an Ubuntu Host

Virtualbox can do a lot more if you get the ‘guest additions’ stuff working. You can read up on other people’s blogs about that more. For now, I just wanted to walk through a bullet point summary of how to get it working on a Windows machine running as a VM inside an Ubuntu Virtualbox host. Probably this method will…

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