Life Skills

The End of Geek

A friend of mine sent out an email to people he knew and respected about how he was invited to speak at a well known event with the word ‘geek’ in the title.  It was apparently an honour.  The reply-all response to the email by a gentleman whom I respect greatly caught me off guard and really got me thinking…

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Life Skills, Technology

A Better Craigslist Selling System

Have you ever felt that Craigslist is a great system but a little difficult to manage in regards to keeping track of photos and content – especially when it doesn’t sell right away? It’s easy when you price something dirt cheap but sometimes you are trying to sell something that you want to get a little more money for or…

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Humour, Life Skills

Learning from my Pee

So I woke up and whizzed – my normal morning ritual.  But today was different.  Today my pee was phosphorescent yellow.  I’m not talking about ‘bright yellow’ or ‘really yellow’.  I’m talking about so bright that I thought someone had dropped a glow stick in the bowl or that a nearby nuclear reactor had managed to send it it’s waste…

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Business, Humour, Life Skills

Special Cafe People – Part 1

Well, at long last it is time to feature the customers that truly make you wonder whether their parents were asleep at the wheel, or, sadly, whether you yourself are off your rockers.  Some of these are your regular customers and you are afraid to ask them directly or the topic is awkward.  Others are one-off wack-nuts that come in…

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Business, Technology

Getting Global Wit’ it (bitcoin)

Yuliya Talmazan had previously called me and then published this article featuring myself as one of the retailers accepting bitcoin in Vancouver.  I still find it amusing how there are two Taylors in the same article. Then she dropped by during her coverage of bitcoin for her time on the 6 oclock news.  I grabbed the file and decided to…

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