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Wayne’s Random Vegan Lowish Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

Vegan. Low(ish) sugar +++ Wayne’s Random Dairy-Free Somewhat Low-Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Things +++  ** In a small/medium mixing bowl, stick a strainer thing on top and add: –>1 cup of whole wheat flour –>1 teaspoon (or more?) cinnamon –>1 pinch of nutmeg –>1 teaspoon of baking soda **In another bigger bowl add: –>1/4 cup brown sugar –>1/4 cup white sugar…

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Sinners Sin: Dealing With Disappointment in Myself and Others

“What do you expect? Sinners sin.” – Unnamed Pastor, 2001 Struggling with disappointment in others and in myself seems to be a never-ending theme in my life. Deep in my heart and in my mind has always been the very keen awareness that there does exist somewhere perfection. The concept of perfection is set deep in all of our consciousness.…

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How to Sync a Calendar Between Owncloud/Nextcloud and Thunderbird Lightning

For some reason this is not that intuitive the first time and there don’t seem to be many/any specific tutorials out there.  I kept getting a ‘modification fail’ error message or other errors. So, here you go: In Nextcloud/Owncloud 1. Log in to your browser-based owncloud/nextcloud page 2. Go to the top left and click the down arrow to access…

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