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How to Fix an App Stuck Between Screens in Ubuntu

I had a weird situation today. I have two monitor displays: a laptop monitor on my desk and a big monitor above that. They are joined logically in that way in the display settings of ubuntu.

Suddenly my Telegram app got ‘stuck’ between the two. The top toolbar that you grab with your mouse was unable to be accessed because it was between the two displays. In the past I was able to fix this by ever-so-slowly trying to click as I passed through the displays but this time it didn’t work, lucky me. I tried restarting Telegram many times, rebooting, etc, but it kept remembering the last place it was on the screen so I could never move it.

The solution ended up being simple so hope this helps:

  1. open your screen display settings.
  2. Change the orientation of your screens to the opposite axis (temporarily). So in my case I changed them from top-to-bottom over to side-to-side.
  3. “Accept changes’.

Boom. Now your app (in my case Telegram) is free to move again.

Now you can do the same steps above and put your displays back the way you like them.

Hope this helps.

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