Dealing with the ‘name’ field in Quickbooks online during customer import

The Background

This hopefully will save someone much pain. I had to import data into quickbooks from a simple spreadsheet. The problem was it wouldn’t map to the ‘name’ field since that field was blank.

The Quickbooks data shows a first and last name in the field, so I realized it wasn’t importing anything because my name field was blank. So, I stuck a test piece of data in the first name cell and boom. It started to map again when importing into QB. Anyways, I have hundreds of customers and I don’t care about the customer names, but QB was forcing it.

So, I spent the next 2 hours inputting fake first/last names into the name field.

Then, after finishing all that and actually succeeding in an import, I had a FAKE NAME as the COMPANY NAME in QB? How in the world that happened I have no idea but it did.

So, that’s where the time-saving move comes in.

The Solution

I just copied my ‘company’ column, pasted it into the ‘name’ column and boom. It imported perfectly and now I have everything appearing ‘good enough’ in QB

Bonus tip: If you ever have to create fake first/last name data in a weird life situation like this, I ended up doing this: “Johnny AA, Johnny AB, Johnny AC, etc”. Hope I never have to do it again though 🙁

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