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How to Roast Coffee in the Behmor Roaster

How to roast coffee in Behmor

  1. warm it up: press the 1/2 button at the top. press start. Let it go for about 1.5 minutes or, until the glass on the back of your hand is ‘pretty warm’ but not ‘burning’ hot
  2. stop it with the red power off buton
  3. while it’s warming up, put beans into the bean cage and snap shut. Put a full coffee mug full of green beans in.
  4. shake it a bit and blow off the ‘bean dust’
  5. Insert the square ‘peg’ thing on the cage into the square hole on the right side of the inside of the roaster. Note that you may need a slighltly diagonal angle when you insert it so it can fit in
  6. gently roll the cage after you think it’s in. it should roll smoothy but also stop. Don’t push hard here just gently roll. This is just to make sure you got the peg in the hole and that it’s fitting well
  7. insert the ‘chaff guard’ thing. Gently slide it in, under the bean cage
  8. shut the door of roaster
  9. press the 1 button (1 pound) button.
  10. Press the ‘B’ button, it should show something like 18:30
  11. press the + button until it’s at 20:30
  12. Get your timer / stop watch / alarm ready and set for 12 minutes
  13. Press the start button on the roaster. You might want to turn on the light to make sure it’s going around properly without any problems. If everything is turning well and moving well – all good
  14. Start your timer / stop watch set for 12 minutes. It should be counting down now while the roaster is going
  15. Turn on fan and open window. It won’t kill anything if you forget but will make it a little smokey
  16. enjoy your life for 12 minutes
  17. when your stopwatch beeps go to roaster and wait. You should start to hear the beans cracking soon. At some point during cracking, the machine will beep loudly and seem scary. This is normal safety thing. Now you press the green ‘start’ button to stop the noise and continue.
  18. Listen carefully for all the beans to stop cracking in the ‘first crack’. when you have about 30 seconds of total silence and no cracking, they will start to crack again
  19. after a few beans have cracked in the ‘second crack’ hit the ‘cool’ button (blue colour at the bottom)
  20. Enjoy your life until it’s all done.
  21. open the roaster and reverse the processs
  22. shake the bean cage and try to get as much chaff as you can off the beans. You can put them into the big ceramic container to help and even crunch the beans with your hands to get more chaff off. Although not food safe, you can blow the chaff off old fashioned way!

Done. Start process above again for new batch

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