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Importing Chart of Accounts into Akaunting

I’m now well on my way to investing my time and support behind Akaunting software but I feel I should continue to blog my frustrations as well so others can benefit, save some time, and hopefully help improve the code (most important).

I had relatively successfully set up Company 1 (“Co1” from here on in) and Wanted to create Co2. The COA from Co1 were nearly identical for Co2 so I thought it would be as simple as exporting the COA from Co1 and then importing into Co2. However, there are *two* things that need to be considered before you begin:

  1. If you go to the Double Entry app, and to the Chart of Accounts, and click ‘export’ it will indeed export everything – however, it has *five* columns instead of the *six* columns you need to import them. It is missing the first column called ‘Company_id”. If you try to simply import this file into Co2, it won’t work because of this in my experience. What you need to do is make sure that ‘1’ is input into each row of ‘company_id’ column. You can do this pretty quickly by inputting =1 in the first cell of the column and then mouse-dragging that 1 down the whole column.
  2. You *must* have the ‘enabled’ column set to ‘1’ (enabled) in order for the import to function. This part cost me a lot of time. As such you have two choices: a) remove the row completely that you do not want enabled or b) set it to 1 (enabled), import it, and then go through them all and disable the ones you want disabled.

I hope this helps someone save some time and hopefully we can get this part a bit tighter in the code.

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