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Fixing Wrong Monitor Display in Ubuntu 18.04

What a pain in the hindquarters… I lost about 2 hours of my life after I plugged in a Samsung 40″ monitor after having been using a Samsung 20″ Monitor. When I went back to my 20″ in my office, Ubuntu (I’m using Gnome currently until Unity8 is ready) my laptop continued to falsely detect the monitor as a 40″ still . The result was a bad display of the wrong size. I could not adjust the settings, nor save any changes, etc, etc.

Thankfully, a friend in the UBports community (awesome, awesome community and project by the way) just saved my day, and what was most nice (is that English?) is that it took less than 30 seconds to fix.

So, if you want to erase or delete or get rid of some false monitor detection in your ubuntu machine, this might also help you 🙂

Note before beginning: The monitor may/will still display as the wrong size/name but it will work as it should regardless of the name it has in the display settings.

  1. Open a Terminal
  2. Enter this command rm .config/monitors.xml
  3. Press enter (of course)
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy your life again

PS – After searching for hours and blogging this someone did point out that there was an official page with this solution, but yeah. If you don’t find it hopefully this blog will help solution be found.

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Hello there, i have same problem with you, but my monitor goes blank, can i do the command from grub command line or tty command, thanks before

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