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How to Reset/Purge Brother Printer Page Counter

So you have an ink cartridge and Brother decided that it was empty and you disagree and want to milk it further?  One thing that might work for you is to reset the internal page counter.

It’s fairly public understanding that printer companies have tech inside the machines that essentially tell it when it has printed enough and to print no more (so you have to run out and buy another cartridge).  The screen will tell you ‘can’t maintain print quality’ or ‘cannot print’ or some message that you might not care about.

This post is specifically how to do it on the following models but I will have links to websites that will probably be able to solve your other models too:




The answer to my question was found tucked away in one reply somewhere on this page and on THIS WEBSITE

Here is the quote:

To enter maintenance mode on the MFC-J480DW, with the printer powered on, press the Settings button followed by *2864
The Settings button will have different names according to where you purchased your printer. To help identify the button: It depicts a wrench and a screw driver.

However!  One tiny little detail cost me many hours.  It’s important that before you do the above make sure you hit the ‘stop’ button which will clear the ‘ink levels low’ message from the LCD.  You can’t do the above steps until the LCD is clear of the warning.

So, here is a more clear list:

  1. clear the screen with the stop/exit button
  2. hit the settings button (wrench)
  3. enter the following 5 keys * 2 8 6 4
  4. use the down arrow until you come to the purge followed by some numbers (the numbers, btw, are your page count -wasted time trying to figure out why mine was different from websites out there, ha)
  5. press 2 7 8 3
  6. I got a ‘cannot detect’ message, and the stop/exit button didn’t work so then I did step 7 and got out
  7. press 9 and then 9 again
  8. machine reboots and page count is clear /purged

You may also get a message that says your colour cartridges are low and your printer stops you printing, even black and white!  Don’t worry, I overcame this trick too in THIS POST if you’d like to have a black and white only brother printer (works for me!)


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8 thoughts on “How to Reset/Purge Brother Printer Page Counter

  1. Thanks for the explanation but I did as you said and at step 4 the numbers did not show up what sould I do. please help me.

  2. Help

    I have an mfc-480dw printer that will not print from my laptop. It will copy color docs but not b/w.
    I am confused because the diagnostics say I need to change toner. I did not think this model has toner.
    Your help is appreciated.

  3. Salve, io quando pigio il tasto stop/uscita non mi rimanda al menu ma rimane bloccato e mi dice “reinstalla inch.” con invito ad aprire il coperchio cartucce. Eppure le compatibili sono piene, cosa devo fare per sbloccare? non riesco neanche a spegnerla dal tasto di spegnimento, mi dice occupato riprovare.
    Grazie a chi mi aiuterà

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