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Flat Earth: Where did the Ball Earth Idea Come From Anyway?

To consider that some of the most fundamental things you believe about the very earth you live on may be on a sandy foundation is a very difficult thing.

To even open your mind to this idea means that you are willing to consider that the world is even worse than you originally thought it was.

From my experience, it seems that most people are willing to entertain that 9/11 was an inside job fairly easily.

They are also willing to accept that the world’s financial system is built by masonic buddies with some clear and secret agenda involving governments and big companies.  They  know there is something up with this ‘illuminati thing’.

They are very easily able to accept that greedy corporations and corrupt governments make decisions that hurt the masses and benefit a small few.

There are also countless people who have very little difficulty believing that no one has been to the moon.

There are, however, very few people who are willing to entertain the idea that the earth is flat and that humans are the very focal point of everything that is.

For the latter group, it seems that they know that if they take that step and start considering the possibility that they will end up in a canyon of disappointment, despair, and sadness too large to bear.

And so instead they ridicule the idea and rule it out without reviewing the case in court.  They regurgitate the fallacy that the flat earth was dead hundreds of years ago and that only fools or tin hat folks would believe this.

News flash: The Flat Earth Is Not Dead!

For those who wish to start looking at this topic with logic, intelligence and an open mind, I recommend the following video which is a buffet of good information, specifically the history of how the ball earth dominated what was scientifically, at the time, as flat as a pancake.



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2 thoughts on “Flat Earth: Where did the Ball Earth Idea Come From Anyway?

  1. Hey wayne, is there an alternate video i can watch in reference to this video, seems the word got out too large for them to feel comfortable having on youtube and forced termination of it.Thanks!

    1. Brutal. Google is now doing what every thinking person expected – controlling the flow and content of information they have been gaining control of for the last 10 years. I personally thought they would wait a bit longer until they had 99% control but apparently when you have power, it’s hard not to start dishing it out… I don’t even know what this video was… I’ll do my best to find it again based on my blog notes but if I blogged about it it was impacting.

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