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Is the “Mars Alien Egg” Real or a Hoax?

For anyone who appreciates truth, before you start believing blindly that there were ancient alien worlds on other planets, make sure you understand the following things about the stuff being provided to you by Nasa and their obedient dog named Rover… I mean Curiosity.

This image is a composite, not a photograph, nor something in our hands to look at ourselves

Their own website says ‘composite’ – go read it yourself.


Credibility of Crew and Landing Appears ‘Highly Questionable’ at Best

Just watch this and decide if you can trust the folks who bring you the news.  I apologize for the periodic profane word here and there and the way he refers to ‘idiots’ but his presentation is solid.  Make sure you make it at least to the Q & A session starting at 15:35 to get a real feel for the folks at top because it ought to really blow your mind…

So before you order these eggs, make sure at least they are real before you pay the bill …

Answer: No, I would definitely *not* purchase a used car from Adam Steltzner.

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