Who is the Original Wayne?

I am.

It’s very important to make it clear that the author of this blog is not L’il Wayne.  I was blogging before L’il Wayne was a thing.  Sorry L’il Wayne. Ain’t nothing but a chicken wing.

I’ve also noticed that these young bucks started a band called “Fountains of Wayne” which was clearly stolen from this blog.  That’s ok.  I forgive them because I actually like their Weezer-like direction of music.  I’m going to let that one go, but just know that all their inspiration comes from me – Wayne Out There.

There is also a car racer named Wayne.  I’m also not him.

And, of course, let it be known that I am not Wayne Gretzsky, though some have accused me of stealing fame from him.  This is false accusation.

The original Wayne is HERE

Now that I’ve set the record straight, you go have yourself a nice day

Wayne Out There.


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2 thoughts on “Who is the Original Wayne?

  1. Howdy Wayne… found you while looking into echolink. I have to say, your site has been an interesting trek. Thanks for the article. On the flat earth thing. I recall once when I was in the eight grade. We were learning plate tectonics when our instructor insisted the earth was flat. The class laughed but she persisted. A day passed and yet another science teacher professed the same. Pretty soon they had some of the kids doubting. And then another teacher – history – said the same. This went on for about two weeks until we were let off the hook. Flat or not I don’t think matters really. Jesus will come back if it turns out the earth is a polyhedron. Just a thought.

    1. You are correct. Or a triangle. Or an oblate spheroid. the last part is true. Jesus will come back (soon). Keep looking into this though, because unlike other things like evolution which require a big leap of faith to believe, the Bible speaks *directly* about the earth and how it’s designed and how the cosmos works. You pretty much have to bench these scriptures (I have a post on those scriptures somewhere here…) as ‘poetic cuteness’ or accept them as how it is. I choose to simply believe based on my own experience, senses, and logic. Not photos from someone else’s camera. From that basis I will journey on until I’m convinced one way or the other. Blessings to you brother and surely we’ll be able to discuss this forever in eternity and still marvel…

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