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How to Make Joshua 13-21 Hyper Exciting

Joshua 13-21 is the part of the Bible where God divides the land to the 12 tribes.  I have read this many times and it’s a little… boring. The Word of God ‘boring’???  Sin! Repent!

No.  Some parts of the Word of God are boring.  Of course they are “exciting because it’s the Word of God and God is speaking to you”, but… the content (of some parts) is boring to me. It’s important, but it’s boring.  Like, who wants to read about borders and city names, especially when the map is totally different today?  It’s like how music theory or in-class driving classes are boring and jamming out and driving fast is more fun or… ANYWAY!

I love the Bible and great news! I found a really cool link to make chapters Joshua 13-21 *way more fun*.  Check this map out, zoom in on the details and try to find all the places on this map as you read your Bible.  It’s in Spanish or some etymologically-similar language that I don’t know but the names are pretty close.  And I really love this map because somebody made it *by hand*! Someone must have really loved their Bible and/or found it too boring to read these sections without the visuals. Someone dedicated a *big* part of their life to making *our* Bible time more fun so I’m super thankful:


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