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Aliens Among Us

The existence of aliens has been debated for a long time.  It’s time to end the debate.

Aliens are real – and they are among us today.

However, the true aliens have escaped us because of those deceptive fake aliens (those green things on TV and in the movies).  It is the goal of the fake aliens to make us feel that there is hope in them (external) when in fact, when the truth is that hope lies within (internal).  It is the goal of the fake aliens to divert our faith to think that salvation is found in them, but it is the ‘true aliens’ themselves, and them only, shall be saved from the certain end times destruction.

And I suspect that you might be one of them – a true alien.

I  know very well a man who, since he was a very young boy felt like he never really fit in.  As a boy he would speak of there being ‘something more out there’.  He would ask questions like ‘what happens to people when they die and where do they go?”  The people around him never had confidence in their answers.  They had nice fluffy answers like ‘Everyone goes to heaven, but not really bad people.”  He was then left to ask himself whether or not he was going to make it.  On more than a few occasions he ended up in a secluded place, far from the city lights, and far from the noise.  He looked up into the vastness of space.  He saw the order.  He saw the majesty.  Deep inside of himself he *knew* – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that this was all planned.  There was order here.  Although he grew up having never heard about a ‘god’ as creator of all of this, he saw and noted the absurdity of the ‘monkey-to-man’ theory.  Deep within himself he knew something was wrong.  He could feel the deception.  He could feel the lies.  He could feel them everywhere.  He felt like he was different – like he didn’t belong.

At age 14, while watching TV, a string of advertisements came on.  I remember him explaining how he could feel the ‘manipulation from the ads’ and how it was ‘changing him’.  From that day forth he never turned it back on.  At around that age he asked his best friend if he ‘believed in God’.  He didn’t but he invited him to join his family at a standard Christian church.  His dad always provided candy and bubble gum afterwards so regular attendance was no problem.  I remember him explaining that even at this church he felt that ‘something was wrong’.  And so he quit church, too.

At public school he observed that the ‘cool people’ weren’t people that he could endure – the superficiality and drive to be the coolest was as obvious to him as a plastic mannequin.  But he also didn’t fit in with the academics and their insatiable and vain pursuit of intellectual superiority.  He found his temporary place somewhere in the middle: with a group of people who similarly didn’t quite fit in with the established social systems.

Throughout those years, drugs, sex, rock and roll were used as a hopeful avenues to find his position and his place in the universe.  He moved from relationship to relationship, drug to drug and song to song, only to find himself more empty, more lost, and fitting in less than ever before.  His ‘searching for god’ was replaced with deep sadness and hopelessness as were his desires to ‘change the world.’  He began to notice how everything was broken, nothing was perfect, and everything was messed up – especially himself.

Not only did he know for sure that he didn’t fit in, but now he had simply accepted his place in this foreign land that wasn’t meant for him – like how a prisoner of bonds might accept the whip of their taskmaster.

And then it dawned on him.

The reason why he didn’t fit in and why he was never satisfied is because he himself was an alien!

This was not his true home!

And he longed so deeply for his home.

Only then did he remember a high school student who pulled him aside on the last day of school and told him that a man can be ‘born again’.  Then it seemed as it were dark folly but now an intriguing proposition.

Only then did he remember how his friend had not only separated himself from their unholy gatherings of hopelessness but it was obvious his entire character of who he was as a person was changed -forever – and for the better.

The young man met him alone and asked him what happened to him and why he was so different now.  He revealed that he was an alien.  At first it seemed weird and grounds for psychiatric evaluation but he listened on.

He explained how the world was lost in darkness but that it was not the way it was designed nor created.  He said that God – the God of the Bible – had created everything and a certain way but the current system was corrupted and destined for swift destruction.  He explained that it was designed perfect and designed for mankind. At that point our young man reflected on those moments gazing at the majesty of the stars, and the breadth of the creatures of the world and the beauty of nature and it all started to make sense.  He went on to explain that the reason he never fit in was because he wasn’t supposed to fit in.  In fact, fitting in guaranteed certain destruction in both this earth and the world to come.  It turned out that this young man was correct about his long suspicion of deception.

He was deceived.

He was alienated from God.

He was an alien in the earth wandering to and fro trying to figure out where to go in darkness.

‘And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness’ – 1 John 5:19

‘Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart’ – Ephesians 4:18

How backwards everything was!

The young man immediately received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and was born again as described in John 3.

Right away, he realized that he had just become a ‘true alien’.

No longer could he hang out with his old friends who loved their sin and darkness.

No longer did he fit in with the world’s systems.

He was alienated from the world, but, God drew very, very close to him.  So close, in fact, that nothing else mattered.  Knowing where he came from, why he was in the world and where he was going totally transformed his life.

Complaining was replaced with thankfulness.

Hopelessness was replaced with hope.

Deep unforgiveness was covered by love.

Pride was washed away as all his sandy foundations were knocked out from under him and a new foundation of rock was established.

He was now a true alien – called to be separate from this world.

And his joy was made full.

Maybe you, too, are finally ready to be saved.  God doesn’t want any of us to perish in this destruction.  He wants all of us to become true aliens in this world.

Come to Jesus and become a true alien in this world.

Don’t wait.

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