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How to Rotate Permanently All Pages in PDF Using Ubuntu

If you are too busy to read all my blog articles (say it ain’t so, mama) then you may have missed this nugget of helpfulness.  How often does the realtor or lawyer or such fabulous professional need to slap a confidential stamp on a doc?

However, today I was sent a confidential document that was lying on its side when I opened it.  After about 10 minutes and a screwed up neck I decided that I would not put my potential client through such pain and suffering and would find a way right this wrong.

And I did, praise God.

All you need to do is get setup with the same software PDF Chain (special shout out of thanks to the crew who made it, again) mentioned in the article above.  This time however, the steps are a little different.  Follow along.  It’s pretty easy and works real nice.  Also, if you plan on also stamping a confidential stamp on there, you will have to perform this step *first* anyways or it makes stamping it brutally hard with the wrong orientation.


  1. click ‘burst’
  2. click ‘source file’ and go and find your multi-page document that needs adjust ment





3. Click ‘save as’ and find a place where you wish to save all these individual pages.  I suggest you create a folder for this moment since if you have a lot of pages they are going to end up getting split into individual files as the following shows:


4. Go back to PDF chain and now we are going to reassemble them as one file and rotate them at the same time by clicking ‘concatenate’.  Don’t worry.  Until I found PDF Chain I also had no idea what that word meant.  Looks like a Spanish festival or something..  but I digress.  What you need to do now is add all those files you just created with the + plus sign button as the following shows:


5. Now you will note the ‘rotation’ column.  If you click it will give you 90, 180, or 270 degrees.  go through and change each one to whatever you want.  Honestly, I think there might be a bug here because the one I expected to work didn’t and the only one that didn’t make sense made it work… but I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so maybe it will make sense to you.  Just be prepared to try a different orientation if it doesn’t work right the first time in the output file.


6. Choose ‘save as’, choose your location where you want the single file to be saved, give it a name and then choose ‘save’.

That’s it.  Now you should have your original file in the orientation you like.

Now, if you would like to go and add ‘confidential’ or other stamps or watermarks to it, go ahead and dive into my original post on the topic and that should work like a dream.  It does for me.

Thanks for showing up.  Here’s a yellow sunshine sticker for you.


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  1. Thank you for all your hard work making these tutorials. Personally, I prefer using Acethinker PDF Writer. It’s a free web-based application to rotate PDF right from the browser, you don’t have to subscribe or signup anything. And it has no file size limitation. Share it here as an alternative method.

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