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How to Watermark Document with Ubuntu

This post includes a quick how-to tutorial and an entire kit in a .zip file to get you started right.  To simply watermark your documents, all you need is my .pdf files in the kit and a couple of free apps from the Ubuntu Software Center.  If you want to change the way I’ve laid it out, I’ve also included the GIMP source file so you can just open it, swap out the stamp you want with what I’ve done and export it to .pdf, followed with Bob being your Uncle.

  • Install PDF Chain from Ubuntu software centre
  • (not sure if this is mandatory or not) Install pdftk from software center.  I am pretty sure that PDF Chain is just a nice cover for this so it might automatically install it when you install PDF Chain.  If something doesn’t wor correctly after doing #1 above, then install this.
  • Save my kit to your computer somewhere where you’ll remember it
  • Follow instructions pdf chain documentation for ‘background/stamp’ . Note the other cool features it has as well!

*Note: the source file *must* be a PDF to overlay it in the new PDF

*Note: be careful about your output file name.  It’s very easy to accidentally over-write your source PDF with the stamped one which you might not want to do.  I recommend saving to a totally different folder called ‘watermarked’ or ‘stamped’ or something.





Hope that helps and keep on spreading Ubuntu!

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