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Morse Code in Music

As a licensed and active amateur radio operator, I started learning morse code a few months back.  My reasoning is that it’s like audible brail – why would I not want to learn that?  If I was fluent at it I could communicate effectively without words…

Anyway, my buddy Joe found this video on youtube which actually caught me off guard and make me wonder more of the history of Morse Code and what kind of people surround it.  I was surprised to see some of the modern folks who used it… but I digress.

For now, just watch this interesting video about modern use of morse code in music.  Please note that there are some highly offensive sections so if you have kids this wouldn’t be a good fit for them, sadly.

Here is the video about Morse Code in music.

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2 thoughts on “Morse Code in Music

    1. If this same content was published in a more productive way I would probably approve this. But this is a rant. I have enough negativity in my life and so do others and there are no solutions presented here. I agree with some of what you say here but you have painted all hams with the same brush and that’s just uncool. I know some great hams and some of who have helped me deeply in my personal life. I hope you meet some of them and that you turn this rant into positive changes to improve the hobby.

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