May I Take Your Order?

I was trying to take a break today from my week-long prolific string of posting but I was reminded of this Chinese Menu that some dude had found in China.  I only remember laughing so hard that I almost peed myself.  You have to understand that it’s rare that something makes me laugh that hard.

I went on a search of my inbox to find this link or attachment but it came up void.  Thanks to help from Bucky Beaver from the Ubuntu Audio Cast, the search is over.  Bucky Figured out that the original site had been hacked so but he had a secret copy of the booty as well as found some link within a link that works for today.  I immediately converted it into a PDF (irfanbaig_com_funny_chinese_menu) so this golden nugget is never lost.

Thanks a million to the author and his comments. I will revisit this post every time I want to urinate my pants (one per quarter).


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