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Licensed to Fail

In order to get your license to succeed, you must first get your license to fail from an accredited school of hard knocks.

I used to look at my seemingly endless streams of failures, false starts, half successes and extrinsic accomplisments as ‘bad things’.  I considered them all proof that I was unable to succeed and even that perhaps God didn’t see it best for me to succeed.  And, everything except the ‘bad thing’ part might be true – only time will tell.

One thing I have learned, though, is that 100% of the things learned and the experienced gain from working one’s tail off trying to succeed will be a significant factor in any future success, should it ever appear.  The pain and suffering of failure, disappointment, rejection, betrayal, or worse is the fire that refines the gold, should the person not quit.

And so I don’t quit.

In fact, there may be only one thing that I can be optimistic about these days and that is this: I  know that if I keep my integrity high, work hard, keep my eyes focused on eternity and don’t quit, that there is a sure reward at the finish line.

This doesn’t mean I don’t get attacked daily by the desire to quit, though, because I do.  There is nothing more than my flesh and mind want to do than quit, curl up in a ball and hide from the world.  I dream of such a moment.

But I won’t quit.  I’m pressing on.

Be encouraged out there.  There isn’t a lot of it out there.  But know that there is wayne out there (dot com) 😉

(I just got rejected by the intellectual bloggers by using a smiley)

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8 Secrets of Success – Wayne Out There Approved List

Well, here it is.  A perfect summary of the secrets to success.  I can tell you they are true because I have personally failed some of them, if not most of them, and as a result, go figure, I’m not wildly successful – yet.

Awareness is a critical thing though.
Ignorance is not bliss as much as we joke that it is.

Enjoy the video and watch it at least 3 times since this guy blows through the list really, really fast and there is a lot to take in: