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How to Set the Plus/Minus Offset Duplex Setting for Repeater Use in Baofeng UV-5R

This is part of a series of posts that hopefully will save people a bunch of time.

How to Set the Plus/Minus (+/-) Offset Duplex for Repeater Use in Baofeng UV-5R

Important note: if you wait more than 9 seconds between any step below it will automatically go back to home screen and you have to start again, so work those fingers, baby!

  1. Press Menu button
  2. Press 25 on keypad.  This will bring you to the section of menu where you can edit whether duplex is + or – (default is 600 by the way).
  3. Press menu button again.  This means “I am now editing this part of the menu”. You’ll see a little arrow appear if you have options to see by using the arrow keys.  In this case, a menu will appear because you can toggle between + , – and blank
  4. Toggle with up/down arrows to the setting you want.
  5. Press Menu again. This means “I am now saving the settings I edited in step 4. If the voice audio is on you will hear ‘confirm’ which means victory
  6. Press ‘exit’ to get back to the home screen or just wait the 9 seconds or more and it will go there for you automatically

Done! You’ve got your offset duplex thing all set.

Go to this page for more tutorials as I write them:


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