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Are You a Victim of Abusive and Addictive Technology?

An article was forwarded to me this week by someone I know who believes strongly in the importance of ethical technology.  He is heavily involved in the Ubuntu project and we all share a desire to see a paradigm shift in the role of technology in our lives from that of a harmful consumable to a helpful benefit.

If you have looked down at your phone already since starting to read this blog you are a victim in the most serious way.  You can’t even focus for 30 seconds without running to the call of your taskmaster.

Before reading the article, I felt it would be beneficial to share some of the discussion that we had.  One friend suggested that people perhaps simply “don’t care”.  When that suggestion came I responded with this:

This issue is one of truth, in my opinion.

Everyone knows their phones own them. No secret. They know it whether they are in denial or not. So the issue is one of truth.

It seems that the same people who “don’t care”, also don’t seek out truth.  Seriously.  You have to be open-minded enough to realize that you could be the victim of someone with an agenda.

Most of the world hates truth.

“your phone owns you.”

possible response 1: yes it does. But what can you? (hears truth but rejects it by inaction)

possible response 2: no it doesnt. I’m in control. (liar)

possible response 3: yes it does. And I’m trying hard to get out of jail. (highly uncommon… like needle in haystack uncommon)

Compare this with:

“you shouldn’t eat sugar because it’s it’s bad for you”

possible response 1: Yes it is. but what can you do? It’s in everything?

possible response 2: I don’t eat that much. I’m not worried

possible response 3: yes, I know and I’m gradually reducing it from everything I eat/drink


If someone loves truth it will be followed by action. Otherwise, you will see either denial/lying or submissive acceptance.

Now here is the article!



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McDonalds Food in Your Stomach: Pure Nastiness

If you regularly go to McDonalds, you may change your habit if you watch this video simulating a cheeseburger in stomache acid.  Gross!!

However, it should be stated in fairness to any company that the same results may occur if you put *any* food into straight hydrocloric acid – I don’t know.  Since I haven’t done this test with a high quality, home made burger, I cannot say for sure that this is because McDonald’s is nasty – although I wouldn’t be surprised.  I hope someone has time to run this same test as a follow up using a high quality burger…

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Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Well, as the Lord God explicitly laid out for me, 2013 was a ‘year of pain’, 2014 would be a ‘year of recovery’ and 2015 is expected to be a ‘year of gain’.

The first two have played out exactly perfectly to a tee.

2015 is a mysterious mystery which lies before me and I’m like a man about to enter a corn maze…

And that’s why faith is so exciting.

I don’t really have anything inspiring to say because I’m not an inspiring person, however, what I do know is that the flip of the calendar number is a great time to make sure we have looked both behind us and before us.

For me, what I have done in an unstructured way, was do a quick synopsis of the year behind me and set some basic goals for the year ahead of me.  Unfortunately, however, that was fun but some of the future stuff didn’t pan out.  Some of that is obviously out of my control while some of it was.

This year, what I thought I would do is structure it a bit.  Break down this short life into a few categories and see how I’m scoring.  Feel free to take the backbone of the structure and tailor it to your life.  Mine will be God-heavy where yours may be ‘something else’ heavy.  Here are the categories that I have come up with and I’d love to get other suggestions if you have any:

  • Spiritual
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Financial
  • Business/Job
  • Knowledge/Education
  • Health (oh yeah! Health!)

A thought I also just had was that success in each category in the above list could already be linked directly to the ol’ YMCA Canada slogan that my dad taught me (and that I didn’t verify until searching right now and confirming with this link) of

Body – Mind – Spirit

If you apply these three to all categories you should prosper, I’m thinking (assuming it’s the right ‘spirit’ otherwise you’re hooped).  It would be interesting to put together a ‘holistic survey’ for this time of year where you grade yourself in each of these categories with very pointed questions.  For example, under ‘marriage’ you might have to answer a questions like:

  • What grade would you give yourself out of 10 for how much you loved your husband/wife?
  • What grade would your husband/wife give you out of 10 for how much love you showed them?


You can see how this might be both painful and useful at the same time….

For now, since I’m out of time and didn’t come up with the idea soon enough, perhaps we could collaborate and come up with a little something for next year.  Nothing wrong with doing this any time in January, either.

Can I get an amen, someone?

I’ll amen myself.

Happy New Year!

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Learning from my Pee

So I woke up and whizzed – my normal morning ritual.  But today was different.  Today my pee was phosphorescent yellow.  I’m not talking about ‘bright yellow’ or ‘really yellow’.  I’m talking about so bright that I thought someone had dropped a glow stick in the bowl or that a nearby nuclear reactor had managed to send it it’s waste back up my grey water pipe.

This pee was yellow.

My first thought was, “Oh. I’m dying” so I did a quick search to find out by what means I would be going.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this article on a website owned by a monopolist that I would by no other means visit.  The cool thing is that I learned a lot of useful things in this quick article, including that it looks like I won’t be dying from some urine kidney issue.

I recommend spending five minutes reading it as it will help you and your family quickly assess things.

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