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The Ubuntu AudioCast – Where Did It Go???


What a shame.

Chucky, Bucky and Philbare seem to have taken an long hiatus from pumping out the latest about Ubuntu.

These guys were different because they weren’t just talking tech.  They were talking life.

Ubuntu is not just technology.  It relates to a whole bunch more stuff that’s very critical for our future.  Randall Ross did a great short article about the 7 Pillars of Ubuntu.  You can read that one again here as I’ve quoted it several times in the past.

The Ubuntu Audiocast hits all the pillars and works hard to make it funny.

There may be a few drinks involved during the production but you wouldn’t know it…??

Check it out.

Go listen to the archives.

Bookmark the page.

RSS the feed (not sure how, ha!)

It’s probably just a matter of time until they show up again with fresh content.

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Guinea Pig Catch-All Blog Post

So you want to get a guinea pig or just got one?  Why search the world wide webs when I’ve already done it?  Please find for your benefit the most useful links I found so far.  Hope this is useful for you and please add more to the comments if you find more.

Pre-Purchase Research

  • Overview video on YouTube: easy way to get a quick idea if you are into guinea pigs
  • Costs of Ownership of Guinea Pigs by SPCA: We are not in the best financial shape now so the cost of ownership was important to us.  This page helped us make sure that this cute furball wasn’t going to end up the focus of our anger as a result of increased financial burden.  It also made me realize that the chance of me ever owning a dog is pretty much zero! Take a look at the cost of owning these other animals!
  • Wiki-how page. Contains lots of pre-purchase and post-purchase info. Very easy to read with quality graphics
  • Can’t go wrong with the BC SPCA. They’ve dealt with a few animals in their day…

Post Purchase



Guinea Pig Entertainment on You Tube


Things I’ve Learned about Guinea Pigs that seem to be worth sharing

  • It took Pikabu almost exactly one week to get comfortable enough to be held without biting (strong nibbling).
  • After 10 days he still prefers to hide out in his ‘hiding box’ of his cage for hours and hours.  Yet he also seems to like being held.
  • He poos a lot and usually several solid loaves at a time
  • He seems to be somewhat ‘potty trained’ and, like a cat, seems to poo only in certain designated areas (corners). This is a cool thing I didn’t know and obviously quite helpful for ‘spot cleaning’
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