How to Set up a Calendar with Ubuntu Touch and Nextcloud

1. Set up online account in Ubuntu Touch

You will need all your calendar info from your Nextcloud instance before beginning. Looks something like this:

  1. open calendar
  2. middle icon that shows grid calendar
  3. ‘add online calendar’
  4. choose NC
  5. enter credentials

2. Sync

UT calendar ‘should’ start syncing right away and you’ll see a little icon appear showing that sync started and stopped. Sometimes, however, it seems like a manual sync is required. You can do this by going to the calendar page and selecting the top right hamburger menu and then the circular arrow ‘refresh’ icon.

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One thought on “How to Set up a Calendar with Ubuntu Touch and Nextcloud”

  1. A lot off people on the Internet have problems with the URL: for NextCloud in UbuntuTouch: “Settings->Accounts->AddNewAccount->NextCloud” (for a NextCloudAccount you need the NextCloudApp from the AppStore).
    I insert this URL: for my NextCloud on QNAP NAS TS451+ (my Intranet over OpenVPN) and it works fine. After creating the NextCloud-Account on UbuntuTouch you can see under “Settings->Accounts->NextCloud” 3 slider (on/off) for sync Calendar, UBsync (install UBsyncApp for NextCloud) and uMarks (install uMarksApp for NextCloud).

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