Flat Earth: Christian Scientific Presentation Against Flat Earth

On my continual life-long journey of hungering truth and enjoying knowledge, I continue to venture deeper into the flat earth versus globe earth discussion.  It is, by far, the most important periphereal topic because it does indeed affect your world view.  On the one side, I don’t want to be lead astray into some ostracized corner of society where people view me as a nut bar, but on the other hand, I don’t want to ‘just believe’ because my school and church told me to.  Over the years, horrible things have crept into the church and society by people just letting them happen so if someone presents a view on something (ie. homosexuality, evolution, flat earth, divorce, pornography, etc) we need to at least know our God and His Word well enough to hold a position.

And so today I decided to, instead of looking up the topic ‘flat earth’ which tends to show everyone promoting a flat earth view, I looked up more from Bible believing science people who speak on the topic.  I found this presentation by the folks at ICR and wanted to share it as well as add my commentary below it for the benefit of both sides who are seeking the truth on the matter, like myself:


I’d like to first thank the folks at ICR for being one of the only organizations who works hard to promote the truth about God’s word and creationism.  It was thanks to the ICR folks that I came much quicker to Jesus and discarded quickly evolution and all associated and damaging world views that come with it.  I indeed praise God for this as it has tremendously helped my faith.

I also know that it would be extremely difficult to act in an unbiased way on this topic because all the scientists here have passed through the secular scientific systems of the world, played by the rules, been indoctrinated with all the world views and have come out the other side with all the neat acronyms after their names.  In this case, the show is started by making sure the listener know that Jason Lisle has no shortage of alphabet soup after his name.

I just wanted to state that I have seen more men of God have their faith killed and chilled by seminary and secular university and their teachings than by probably any other force on the planet (or disc).  My point is not to discredit completely these institutions but to point out that the soup they make you drink is the soup *they* want you to drink, not necessarily the truth.  Jesus is the truth and one day we will stand in front of Him and all this will make sense and if betting wasn’t folly I would bet that we’re all going to have a long list of things that we believed that were ‘a little off’.

So let’s have a little grace and a little fun as we explore this important topic.  Let’s not laugh each other off whether we believe in another god or that we live in a different matrix dimension, but instead continue to seek the truth and discuss it and help each other along.

My first red flag during Jason’s speech was how he jumped straight to Genesis 1:7 and pulled the correct Hebrew word ‘raqiya’ for firmament but then immediately said “It never says or implies a solid”  Immediately I looked it up to find that, indeed it *does* imply it could be a solid.  Read the word firmament yourself (which you should always do).  I mean.. as soon as he boldly declared it had no connection to solid he made my brain turn on and I started thinking about the english etymology of the word FIRMament.  So I looked up firmament and lo and behold it comes from firm which is just loaded with feelings of solidity.  So let’s not be so quick to disolve the conversation of the possibility that God made this firmament firm.

The next thing that Jason said that jumped out at me when they were discussing the ends of the earth and the four corners of the earth.  You can read my very pro flat earth article here with a bunch of scriptures if you want but remember that I too am just a man working through this.  Anyway, although I agree in general with the interpretation that the four corners and the ends of the earth could and should mean ‘everywhere’ it is not to be translated as the cardinal directions of north, east, south, and west.  Jason boldly says that it should be interpreted that way but those directions were well known then as he points out later in the show, so they could have done it then.  God could be implying a literal four corners of the earth here if He wants so let’s not put words in His mouth. But what bothered me more, I think, was how Jason quite strongly ‘recommended’ that believers ‘not build their theology on the book of Revelation but instead build it on the rest of the Bible’.  Last time I checked, every word in the Bible was the inspired Word of God and worth building our theology on.  Unfortunately this statement didn’t help.  I understand he was saying ‘do the rest of the Bible first and then you might understand Revelation’ but it didn’t come across as good advice.  Sorry, bro.

I also thought it was quite humourous how Jason tried to explain the ‘ends of the earth’ (16m20s) as a location on a globe to which you could circle and come back to.  Here he conveniently did not use hebrew or greek to discuss this word ‘ends’.  Please look it up HERE while reading this next part.   So Jason explains the ‘ends’ of the earth here as ‘antipodes‘ yet nowhere at all in the original Hebrew do I get any form of interpretation like that.  What I read (and read it yourself) is a clear meaning of ‘end’ or ‘border’ or ‘extremity’ – something that comes to a dead stop, if you will.  I must say here that these ‘ends of the earth’ scriptures do not do very well on a globe model and Jason’s nebulous description of what it ‘could’ mean on a globe earth (assuming it is a globe is his position, don’t forget) is quite a leap away from the Word.

By far one of the most important scriptures in the Biblical flat earth discussion is Isaiah 22:14

22 [It is] he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof [are] as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in

I thought what would be the best way to deal with this scripture is take a young person’s Bible translation, read it to a 7 year old (my daughter) and see what she draws.  My guess is that that is what God is trying to say.  Let’s run the test:


(image coming as soon as complete)


The other topic that Jason discussed was at 18m 30s about Job 26.10

He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.

In this example he says it confirms the ‘terminator‘ which science has proven.  Jason says that this scripture is the ‘killer’ of the flat earth Bible discussion.  No more need to discuss it because, as he says, ‘there is no other way to explain it’.

Interestingly a few folks have tried. Unfortunately this video doesn’t actually explain what’s going on so it took me a while to get it plus it takes a while to get to the point.  Skip ahead to 1m 18s in this video and before watching what you are looking for is ‘the terminator’ as described above link. What we should be able to see is a clear line breaking the dark from the light where the sun shoots over the curvature of the earth.  However, from this video and what our eyes see every day, what seems more observable is the effect of the headlights of a car getting closer and closer to the location.  As you’ll note on the left side it’s quite bright (closer to the headlights) but as the power of the light source weakens, you see the light bleed into darkness (not a line) in the same way that you would see car headlights do this if you were looking down on them from a high elevation:

I’m sure there are a few ways to debunk what I just said but my point here is just that my eyes still show that a small and close sun moving towards us is very possible.

Plus, what about all the Bible verses that say they move?  Shall we just not talk about those ones like Jason didn’t talk about them? Kind of quietly slide them under a mat?  Or perhaps just call them ‘poetic language’ as many ‘scientists’ do.  I’m just not that willing to hand over the Word of God completely to scientists like that so I will continue to work through this topic:

  • Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which [is] as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, [and] rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth [is] from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. (Psalm 19:4-6) (Read expanded comments on this scripture here)
  • The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. (Ecclesiastes 1:5)
  • Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. [Is] not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. (Joshua 10:12-13)
  • The sun [and] moon stood still in their habitation: at the light of thine arrows they went, [and] at the shining of thy glittering spear. (Habakkuk 3:11)

Jason also says in his presentation that the different locations of the stars in the sky don’t work on a flat earth model but that was just funny.  They believe the universe and heavenly bodies are in motion around the earth.  That’s all.  Works perfectly fine so please don’t say that the movement of stars don’t work on a flat earth model, they work even better in my opinion.

Lunar eclipse.

This one still currently has me.  I need to do further research.  Seems to favour globe earth.


I need more time on this one.  It seems to me that parallax would have no meaning if the tree (his example) was moving. ha.  So parallax only works if you are sure the object (in this case the star) is stationary relative to us (I think) but again, I’m not strong on this topic.

Time zones

This one is quite funny too.  Jason boldly declares that time zones don’t work on a flat earth.  Why not?  All we are talking about here is when the sun is shining light on us and when it stops and at what times. Both models work perfectly well with time zones.  I’m always a bit surprised that globalists use time zones as some kind of proof.  Maybe I’m missing their point?

Importing ideas from other cultures to interpretation of Bible

I am in full agreement with Jason here. I would also strongly recommend not going to the surrounding cultures of the Israelites or their teachings/education to try to understand the Bible.  That’s a bad idea.  They were lost and without God so one could assume their understandings of the world around them to be ‘lost’.  Amen to that one, brother.

However… I would also add, Jason, that you may have been influenced by the gods of science in your own understanding and world view and you also should be very careful about what you have been taught in school and how it has affected your world view.  Perhaps you’ve picked up a few bad ideas along the way?  I know I have…

As a final note, I was very disappointed with 43m 25s when the interviewer asks Jason ‘what would you say to a brother who is getting into the ‘flat earth movement’.  His response was:

  • you aren’t being faithful to the word of God or the interpretation
  • flat earthers think they are on the moral high ground
  • I would then teach them about hermeneutics
  • then I would teach them about science
  • the Bible ‘just doesn’t teach a flat earth’

As given above, the Bible clearly teaches a moving sun and moon and a stationary earth.  For Jason to boldly call a Bible reader ‘unfaithful to the Word of God’ for reading as the Word of God is quite disappointing.  I would expect advice something along these lines:

  • I’m a man, all scientists are men and all have fallen short
  • the mind is a deceiving thing and even the heart of man
  • only God can be trusted and His Word (he says this but his position here doesn’t match it)
  • If you seek the truth God will show you because Jesus *is* truth.
  • I personally believe you are caught in a big delusion and I’ll work through it with you
  • Let’s figure out the truth together

I mean, it’s just a more productive way to dialogue and win hearts, too, if you look at it that way.  Even though Mormons are fully deceived, I don’t start my conversation with ‘You are fully deceived and lost’.

And so I will continue down my journey towards the truth.

If nothing else, the process of thinking about this is important so we know who we are in relation to God.

Flat Earth and the Bible: Did Jesus Talk About Time Zones?

Let us continue our journey towards truth – whether hard or easy.

Did Jesus clearly ‘know about time zones’ and ‘talk about time zones’?   Let’s take a look at the Bible in Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 17:33-36 (pasted at the bottom for your convenience):

The argument against the flat earth model with these scriptures is that Jesus is ‘clearly talking about time zones’  which therefore implies that Jesus knew about time zones and therefore was heliocentric in his cosmology (that was a partial joke). I believe this argument is very weak and assumes on scripture that isn’t there because Jesus did not say ‘time zones’ or refer to them at all. The bullet points of what he is saying in these scriptures are:

  • some people will be in the middle of what they are doing (sleeping, working, whatever) when it happens
  • it is a unified event at one point in time
  • no one knows the day or the hour
  • In Matthew it doesn’t specify daylight or dark hours but calls it ‘day’ which has both light and dark hours in a 24 hour day
  • In Luke it specifies both day (Luke 17:30) and then a few verses later night (verse 34)

Instead of assuming that God is talking about a globe earth time zone it would be better to assume only what is written which is that the coming of Jesus will occur while people are going about their daily lives.

In addition, when these scriptures were presented to a few people unbiased on the helio/geocentric models)  around me as ‘proof for a time zone globe earth’ they immediately said “Well how do they know that the women aren’t grinding at the mill on a night shift?”

The answer is ‘we don’t’ and ‘they could have been’.

Because Jesus isn’t focused on cosmology in these scriptures but instead warning us to be ready wherever we are and in the middle of whatever we are doing.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Plus, these scriptures work just fine on both a globe earth and a flat earth model. In the globe earth it’s a time zone but on the flat earth the sun has simply moved away so it’s dark on one part and light on the other.



Matthew 24:36-42

36 But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. 37 But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41 Two [women shall be] grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Luke 17:33-36

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. 34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two [men] in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. 35 Two [women] shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 36 Two [men] shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

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How to Make Old HP Laserjet 1000 work with Ubuntu 16.04

I’ll admit I should probably upgrade my printer but… it’s still alive so I won’t.  Problem is that now it’s getting harder to install on Ubuntu.  Hopefully this will help someone who is havin similar issues.  For me it looked like it was installed and working on 16.04 but it wouldn’t print so I reverted to command line because the HPLIP Toolbox seems to no longer be there in the Software Center…

1 Install the HP LIP Thing with GUI with this command in terminal

sudo apt-get –yes install python-qt4 hplip-gui

2 Run the tool with this command:


3 Next, next, next, next, next, I agree, next….

4 Name your printer in ‘Description’5 Save, send test page (if you want), etc.

5 Save, send test page (if you want), etc.

Hope that helps!


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Reasons to Switch to Ubuntu Phone


Someone I know sent me this positive article about the ubuntu phone. I read it and it was nice, and probably one of the best ‘tech-focused’ articles, but as a few friends and I discussed after reading it, it’s missing some of the most important reasons why one would switch.   Here are my list of reasons why one should switch:

1. Being Part of Something Meaningful

Apple sucked in a lot of victims by making their customers think they were either cool or part of something cool.  They paid heavily for that entrance fee in both privacy and dollars left in the bank (and other ways).  You may have noticed how important technology is in our lives, so with the Ubuntu project you can change the world by participating.  You become part of a community that cares.

2. Being Somewhere Where Your Voice Matters

Have you ever rolled your eyes (or worse) at how your smart phone is really quite dumb? Have you ever wondered “how could they do this? How did they let this happen?”  Then, unbelievably, the same horrible ‘feature’ is still there years later? With the Ubuntu project, the programmers and people who change stuff are *you*!  Let that sink in for a bit. That’s right, you can literally be a huge part of changing Ubuntu to better match your life and needs and the life and needs of those around you.  Ubuntu cares what you think.

3. Living Free

Ever felt sick and tired about how you know the ‘big boys’ are spying on you, stealing your information, and watching everything you do? Ever felt helpless and that there is nothing you can do about it because there are ‘no other choices’? Good news.  You now have a choice.  Ubuntu.  Ubuntu frees the captives and like Moses it ‘let the people go’.

4. Being Future Proof

Ever noticed how the ‘big boyz’ (including their strategic business relationships with the big telecoms) somehow manage to make your perfectly good phone ‘out dated’?  Ever thought that you’d like to buy a device that is more future proof? Ubuntu is the only choice if you want to be future proof with ‘convergence‘.

5. Nice Pillars!

Randall Ross wrote a little article that doesn’t get enough circulation. This really sums up why Ubuntu has a nice set of pillars!



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How to Use Owncloud Sync on Ubuntu Phone

Congrats! So you figured out the 20 steps to getting owncloud-sync on your ubuntu phone.  The problem is … now what? How do you make it work?  It took a bit of goofing around but here is what I figured out:

Sync Files

  1. Do my tutorial (if it’s not in the software center when you read this) HERE
  2. Go to ‘system settings’
  3. go to ‘accounts’
  4. then add an account and select ‘owncloud’ from the list. It will prompt you for your credentials so fill them in.

Now you have an owncloud (nextcloud works fine with it) account meshed into your phone.  Now you can actually start doing useful things.  The most exciting part, of course, is syncing calendars!

  1. go to calendar icon
  2. click that grid calendar icon in the top right area – the left most of the three
  3. add online calendar
  4. owncloud
  5. again you will be prompted for your credentials again.  enter them
  6. done. you’ll see a ‘sync in progress’ kind of notifier and boom. works.

Now you want to sync up files from your phone to your cloud.  Unfortunately the app does not yet, at the point of this post, have a ‘share to cloud’ option which is too bad.  I’m sure the feature is on the way as you read this.  For now, however, what you have to do is this:

  1. in file manager, create a dedicated ‘sync’ folder on your local phone.  you could use the folders that are already there, but in my case I needed to have a folder that did *not* sync my personal photos to my work cloud!  So I made a folder called ‘work-uploads’ on my phone
  2. open the owncloud app and in account settings choose your sync frequency. I chose 15 minutes.  I left the ‘sync on mobile data’ off because I don’t want a few gigs syncing with my mobile data..
  3. go back then go to sync folders.  for the local folder, select the one you made in step 2 above. You can also create the folder at this point by pressing the + icon, or you could select one.  If you select be sure to press the check mark in the *top right*. Not sure why but the check mark in the center confuses me…
  4. back out then in the ‘sync service’ make sure there is a file in your local folder that you made in step 2 and then press ‘sync’.  It should tell you that the sync has started.

Honestly, mine is not syncing but I bet it should be. haha  It’s definitely connecting to the cloud because I could choose the folders no problem and see all of them on my cloud.  But the files aren’t moving from my phone to the cloud now so hopefully it will work for you while I figure this out.

I think you have to follow these steps in order and not use the owncloud sync app before you add the stuff in system settings but not sure…

two theories:

  1. because i created the folders on the phone it requires root (sudo) somehow to sync.  I noticed that I cannot see the folders I created in step 2 above in the regular file manager of phone…  maybe this permission issue is restricting sync
  2. I did something in the wrong order…  calendar is working perfectly though!  weird.

To test, I went in from my laptop to the web GUI of Nextcloud to see if the file made it.  No go.  Did not.  Then I put a small file in the same directory from my laptop and sure enough the file made it to the cloud.  So the issue is definitely on the phone side… hmm… more for tomorrow..


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How to Install Jitsi on Ubuntu 16.04


Yes, this is the hard way but seems to be the ‘only way’ right now at the time of this blog.  Always first check to make sure it’s not simply sitting in the software center before beginning this tutorial.

No, I can’t figure out why the packages aren’t in the Ubuntu software centre.

All I did to make this tutorial was update the wget link from this fine lad’s blog post so thanks Mr. Ji M

For 32-bit system:

wget https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/debian/jitsi_2.5-latest_i386.deb

For 64-bit system:

wget https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/debian/jitsi_2.5-latest_amd64.deb

To actually install what you just downloaded on both 32-bit & 64-bit run following command:

(hint: as soon as you have hit the 2.5 part and press ‘tab’ button it will auto-fill the rest then just press enter and it starts)

sudo dpkg -i jitsi_2.5-latest_*.deb

When it’s done doing it’s thing then just hit your super button and start typing jitsi and you should find it. However, mine would not work until I did a software update.

I am not sure the best way to trigger the software update but I did it by going through my dash to
s ‘system settings’ then ‘details’ and then click the update button and upon restarting my machine
i went to the dash, searched Jitsi, opened it and it started working.

Hope this helps because I was pretty surprised to see it wasn’t in apt repositories (ubuntu software center) and more surprised that there wasn’t a tutorial like this as a work around until it was!

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How to Install Nextcloud Owncloud App on Ubuntu Phone

Before you begin: Always first check in the stock ubuntu software center to make sure that it’s not simply available there first.  As of the date of this post it is not, but I expect it will be there very soon.  Do not proceed with this tutorial if there is a one click app in the software center 🙂

1 Go to this link on your Ubuntu phone browser, follow the installation instructions.


2 Scroll down until you see the ‘Open Store’ app

(image coming).

Click ‘install’ and it will show you the 4 steps you have to follow.  Follow them.  Do them. Love them.  However, if you aren’t awesome with difficult stuff, I’ll expand on each step:

  1. download the openstore thing: click it.  It will download.  Then at bottom of browser, slide up again and it will bring you back to instruction page
  2. your terminal app is the black thing on your main home screen of phone (image coming).  open that.
  3. to navigate to your downloads file, in your terminal app, type this:   cd ~/Downloads
  4. for the ‘run the command’ simply copy the pkcon install-local – – allow-untrusted openstore.openstore-team_0… stuff’ to your phones clipboard by pushing and holding.  Long slide from the right side of your screen. paste it in your terminal with a long push on screen and then enter key by pushing the keyboard icon lower right.

3 Go back to the link above and scroll down until you see the owncloud file sync app and click the ‘install’ button.  It will give you a warning that you are about to kill your phone and ruin your life.  Accept this because life is short.

4 Install again (you’ll see an orange install button down a bit after the warning screen)

5 Go back to your home screen of phone and the owncloud app will be waiting for you.  When you open it enter your owncloud or nextcloud credentials and server location

From here you should be able to connect a shared calendar and also share files and backup files.  I’ll do a quick tutorial on that at my next available minute but hopefully this helps a few people out.



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How to Sync a Calendar Between Owncloud/Nextcloud and Thunderbird Lightning


For some reason this is not that intuitive the first time and there don’t seem to be many/any specific tutorials out there.  I kept getting a ‘modification fail’ error message or other errors. So, here you go:

In Nextcloud/Owncloud

1. Log in to your browser-based owncloud/nextcloud page

2. Go to the top left and click the down arrow to access the calendar app

Note: this *must* be enabled first by your admin, if you happen also to be your own admin


3. Grab the caldav link from the … share icon drop down


4. Select the content of the link and copy it to your clipboard (control A/Control C)


Back in Thunderbird Lightning

Note: You must first have the Lightning add-on installed in Thunderbird if yours does not already have it.  It should come default but I recall in the past it did not…

Now skip past step #10 in this tutorial, and start at the ‘Back in Thunderbird Lightning’ steps

The key point is that it is ‘caldav’ that you select, *not* ical.


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Great Bible Habit: Bible in a Year

I realized years ago that believers live in a very imperfect world.  We are fish swimming upstream and there is nothing that the enemy of our soul would love more than to keep us weak and ignorant of God’s holy Word.

I knew that I had to find some form of ‘structure’ around my daily Bible reading.  I found that I would get on a spiritual tangent and spend all my time in Proverbs, or shift over to Psalms, or again to the book of Acts for fun and adventure.  But if you asked me who Habakkuk was I’d say “Habak who?”  Since I knew that every word in the Bible is inspired something had to change.

I then tried a straight read through the Bible for X amount of minutes per day.  The problem was that life would happen and I’d lose track and such.  I needed something with a bit of ‘drive’ behind it.  Something that would push against the desire of my flesh to stop.  That’s when I heard about ‘Bible in a year’ idea.  The idea is that the whole Bible is divided into daily reading segments so that the whole Bible is consumed in a calendar year.  Genius!  And so I began.

I spent time on Odb.org and simply clicked their daily Bible reading link but recently I discovered that it was linking to a Bible company whose ethics I can no longer suffer.  So last week I disconnected myself from Biblegateway.com since its owned by the questionable company Zondervan.

The only problem was that now I had to search for another website that I could go to that would allow me to check to see where I was at and where I should be at.  I found most of the websites either linked to Zondervan, or, didn’t have the audio Bible option (which I like).  Most were just a list of 365 days and you had to figure out what day you were on today.  Too hard for me.

Thankfully I found this website which appears to have solved my problem.  It’s the International Bible Society’s site and although their website defaults to the NIV version (shame on them) at least it has all the features I need and doesn’t send traffic to Zondervan’s site.

I also understand that this great website has a pretty impossible-to-remember URL for people who want to actually go their daily so I made a permanent page here at W.O.T. for you to remember more easily:


This turned out to be *even better* than the program I was on because it also breaks out Psalms and Proverbs into their own daily chunks which is just awesome.  Truly Psalms and Proverbs need to be consumed daily and it looks like this program does it.  Here is a quick tutorial to set yourself up and navigate the tools:


Also, it is helpful to note that you should right click (or whatever the option is on your device) and ‘open in new tab’ when you click the Bible links because for some reason it doesn’t open a new tab/window automatically.

Although there is an option to change your start date, you may want to consider just starting today and leave it as January 1st.  It is useful, I find, to have January 1st always as the start date.  I don’t have a lot of explanation as to why but I just find it helps keep momentum.

Finally, you may want to consider doing what I plan which is to drop where I am in my current plan and use this.  Mine didn’t have the Psalms/Proverbs section so now everything is different from where I am.  I think it’s very worth changing the plan to synchronize with this one.

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How to Get Korean (Hangul) Working on Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial might also work on Ubuntu 14.04, I haven’t tried yet.

I love Ubuntu and I love Hangul but I’m not going to deny it – it’s not hyper-easy to get it running on Ubuntu, not because it’s super hard but because there aren’t any helpful blog posts out there to walk someone through it.

By golly, miss molly, that ends today!  Let’s begin…

Hit the super key and type ‘languages’ and then click/open the “language support” icon as per this:


Click ‘install/remove languages’ as per this:


English should be selected already (if your mother-tongue install was English).  Choose “korean” from the list, then apply, and wait (a really long time sometimes) while it downloads King Sejong and the kitchen sink…


Here is where the non-intuitive stuff starts.  You’d think doing the above would be all you need but you need to do a bit more.  Go to the top right of the screen where you see English (En) and click that and you’ll see ‘text entry settings’


Now you will English sitting there all alone.  Press the + sign and then type ‘korean’ and select it.  Then you’ll see a screen like this.  Choose Korean (Hangul) (Ibus).


I had some issues leaving the ‘master keyboard’ (that’s a name I gave it) switching with the default (something with the super key) and so I changed mine to Control + space bar.  You can do whatever you want by just clicking in the space where the default is and hitting your favourite combo in on your keyboard.  When finished just close the window and your changes will be saved.

Remember, this is *not* the hangul-english keyboard language switching combo.  This is the keyboard combo that switches your keyboard from the “English only” (En) one to the “Korean with English capabilities” one.


Now, we’re getting close to being able to angle your Hangul, but just one more critical step that will save you the pulling out of multiple strands of hair.  You must now either reboot, or log out and log back in again in order to be able to eat your green eggs with Hangul.

You will know that you have successfully reached Hangul-Land when the top right area that used to say “En” is now a colourful Korean swirl like so:


Although you now have full Korean capabilities, you now must use the keyboard combos found within this Korean keyboard in order to switch between English and Korean.  The default combo is shift + space bar, and you can try it out now for a fun test.  You may, like me, wish to change this keyboard combo to something else. If you do,  go on to the next section.

How to Customize Your Shiny New Korean Keyboard with a Custom Language Toggle Keyboard Combo

Click the colourful swirl and select ‘setup’ as per this:


Next, you will see the Hangul toggle key space with the defaults. If you want to change the keys used to toggle between Korean and English, just click ‘add’ and then, even though it says ‘key’ singular in the pop up, you can hit the key combo with your computer and it will work.

*Warning!* It shows this popup when you hit ‘add’ under the Hangul toggle area, which is *incorrect*. It should say ‘hangul’ not hanja here. Both hanja and hangul display the same pop up box so it just needs a bug report to fix this but I’m too tired at the point of writing this blog…


In this case, I used control +right alt key because I remember using something like that back in the day and it felt comfortable.  You can do whatever floats your boat.


아이구! 신기 신기! 오렛동안 한국말 이컴퓨터에서 못했어….  드디어.

Hope this helps you grow in Ubuntu and Korean!


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